Silence III

I am totally lost. I don’t know when to sleep. I don’t know who to talk to if I need to tell my secrets. I don’t know where to turn…

It’s easy to say “they lose out if they don’t want to be with you…”

I am hungry and I have just eaten. I am sleepy and I don’t remember when I last had a sleep. I have two gray hair. I don’t want to study but it’s all I have.

Yes, I am totally lost and there’s no one to help me.

I have a map, but it is difficult to follow.

I am angry with the world…

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3 Comments on “Silence III”

  1. pegasus Says:

    what happened to u dear?

  2. jugar_por__jugar Says:

    I want Derry with you. Again and again.

    I have a compass for you. But what’s wrong if you get lost? Keep trying.

    take care, please.

    sincere hugs

  3. Yo tambien quiero ser una bicicleta volante. y magica.

    como estas?

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