About safety…


Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker)


“Later, I got thinking about safe sex. Odd how only when our physical life is at risk, do we follow certain guidelines to protect ourselves. What about our emotional lives? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a little pamphlet to warn us what behaviour might be high risk to ourselves or our relationships? Even if you take all the precautions and emotionally try to protect yourself, when you crawl in bed with someone, is sex ever safe?”

Carrie Bradshaw‘s column (Sex and the City)


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2 Comments on “About safety…”

  1. marta Says:

    A very good fragment.

    Nobody warns us about potentially unsecure behaviours and look at us. Look at me.

    Lately, there is something odd in the air. Relationships seem to be tired of going to nowhere. Here life seems to be a big brother tv show. Anyway, life is a bitch. A bad-paid bitch, but so good-looking…

    i’m sorry, it is too late.

    i hope everything is fine with you. we’ll talk really soon on msn.


    te abrazo

  2. Girly Site Says:

    I think everyone needs to take the proper precautions when having sex but of course there are some risk having sex with people you slightly know. Your basing most of your judgment on their word, hoping their telling the truth. I worry all the time but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying my life.

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