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A feeling of dread

30 November, 2006

Night has already fallen. Wee orange lights, or Glaswegian panorama. Eighth floor, I can see it all. It’s raining. The heating is low. I am a bit cold. What will I do?

Is this going to be the end of my day? Wet way back home… Some music in my ears. Closed eyes and wind on my face. Eating the same, day after day. Didn’t I say I would do things I had never done? I don’t know how, I am a coward. I need someone to fill my live. To guide this lost soul that I am. Sometimes I am afraid of being alone forever.

Is this melancholia inherent to an Erasmus experience? Yes, I am an Erasmus student. I am not drinking all day. I don’t have sex with everything that moves. Somehow, I am proud of being different, but there’s a price I have to pay. I knew that, I was told that. I am here and I am still different to the rest.

<<<Song: Belle and Sebastian – Slow Graffiti>>>


Only slightly mental

30 November, 2006

What should I start with? Oh, yes… who I am. I am someone who sometimes wander around in Glasgow. This year, I live inDarkness Glasgow, Scotland. So far, I feel lonely. I need to meet people, but I don’t know how. I am not British, nor a native English-speaker. Glaswegian accent is very difficult. I need to practise it.

Well, my problems with English is boring. I will avoid this stuff.

Welcome to Into Oblivion. I will come back.

<<<Song: Belle and Sebastian – Beautiful>>>