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You can learn how to play the game

1 January, 2007

I have dreamt of you again. I thought the first would be the last. I can’t understand. I hardly ever think of you.

First dream: I see you. I am in a faculty I don’t know. I follow you. We talk. We come back together. I don’t remember what happened. But I knew you were not the man of my life. As before, I have always know you were not the man of my life, but I did never tell you.

Second dream: I call you. I don’t know why, but I call you. You are in Morocco. Again in Morocco. It is a very expensive call. You are talking to a friend. You are not interested in what I say. I put the telephone down. I feel desperate.

Maybe I am dreaming of you because the streets of my old city remind me the moments we spent together.

Once again, I have googled your name. You haven’t updated your blog.

I know you don’t think of me, you never do. But, what can I do? I am alone and feeling lonely for three years. I am sure you have found love in Barcelona. For sure.

I just want to move on. I would never come back to you. But please, don’t come back to me in dreams.

Yes, I just want to move on. What can I do if you are the only synonym for love I know?

But make no mistake, you are not in my heart any longer.

<<<Song: The Beatles – All you need is love>>>


It’s a different world

27 December, 2006

Nothing is happening in this side of the world. I am just trying to relax and think about my life. My city is degrading. My city is inhabited by scatterbrains. I feel very apathetic. I sleep, and connect to Internet. I listen to music and drink tea I have brought from Scotland. And some shortbread, oh yes!

I don’t have many thing to tell. In Glasgow I will get inspiration.

<<<Song: Martha Wainwright – When the day is too short>>>

Getting lonely, getting old

3 December, 2006

You said your name, but I would assign you a number. You are the same, with different eyes, different voice… you are the same as the others. I’m sorry, I was just feeling lonely. I didn’t want to create false expectations. I knew you just wanted to have sex. I just wanted to talk. Honestly.

Your past is the past of many like you. I didn’t know the reasons that led me take the bus 62, instead of number 9. I shouldn’t have. Now I am here, speaking about you. I will see you again, with another name and another voice. Probably, different eyes. Next time, I won’t speak to you. I need to know what I want. I know I need it. I want to know.

It’s normal to feel lonely in a city. This is just a stupid anecdote which makes me think, though.

I’m alighting here. And I said goodbye. Yes, just a stupid anecdote.

<<<Song: Pink Floyd – Hey you>>>