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There are some debts you’ll never pay

21 March, 2007

I try to survive and I don’t know why. Different deaths attack me. Different sadnesses.

Once you think about your own death, about the possibility of dying unexpectedly, you regard life in a different way. But sometimes you forget.

I know I fear death because I live in future: I will do, I will enjoy, I will go, I will kiss, I will be loved…

I want to be irresponsible.

Irresponsible. I want to be able to forget. I want to stop remembering. But once you see the light… Oh, yes, once you see the light, what can you do?

<<<Song: Arcade Fire: Intervention>>>


Don’t look back, you’re moving too fast

17 December, 2006

I am here… Granada, what my past was. What my future will be. Not my present. I see the streets in which I guess love is waiting for me.

Is love what I really need? I don’t know. Maybe it will be in Glasgow.

<<<Song: Martha Wainwright – Factory>>>