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Hold me tight

27 August, 2007

I don’t have time. I am meeting a friend in ten minutes. But I can’t resist. I need to write about my feelings after three months far from Glasgow, in Spain.

I thought I wouldn’t want to write on this blog again.  I thought this would be just a memento from my stay in Glasgow. But I haven’t been able to resist.

I miss the rain!!!

I miss speaking English!!!

I miss hearing “aye”, “wee” and all those lovely Scottish words.

My favourite band is back. This is their new clip:

<<<Song: Marlango – Hold me tight>>>


Smile! You are in SPAIN

28 May, 2007

When I arrived in Spain last Christmas after having spent three months in Glasgow, I loved this slogan. Now, I am in Spain again.


I am just an actor who forgot his script

24 April, 2007

The last time I was going to write post for my blog, I was going to start saying that sunny days in Glasgow can be quite inspirational. But, actually I didn’t find inspiration to compose a post.

Today, it’s not sunny at all. On the contrary, it’s been raining heavily. Now it is just cloudy. But I don’t care, I am at home. It can pour: I won’t care.

I suppose I am now using my blog to talk to someone as if it were a friend. But I cannot really tell here what’s going on with me… It’s actually a mix with physical and moral unwellness. I may go to the doctor tomorrow.

How long am I still going to be on probation? When can I start enjoying life? When are problems going to stop appearing in my life?

I don’t really miss Spain, but I miss my friends and my family. Here in Glasgow, everybody seems to be very busy. In Spain, my friends would always find a moment for me, would be with me in trying moments. Just the way I do with them. It seems that here the rules are different, or simply, people don’t care enough for me.

What was I expecting, anyway?

<<<Song: Amaral – Sin ti no soy nada>>>

Life for me

30 January, 2007

I need a stroke of luck.

I do not know why, but I am feeling more and more depressed in this city.  Glasgow is lovely; the problem is me.

I know that what I am looking for is Mr Right, but maybe if I had good friends that would help to make me feel better and enjoy. That’s why I have started to remember last year in Granada.

I just want to go home and sleep. That’s all I want. Sleep and sleep. But I have to try to go on. But, as Marlango said in “Gran Sol”: “I suppose that’s normal, I suppose that’s average. But I refuse to think that’s life for me”.

<<<Song: Marlango – Gran Sol>>>


23 January, 2007

Yesterday I went to a meeting of Star which is a association that “aim is to help refugees in the UK & Glasgow to rebuild their lives, and to stop innocent & vulnerable people being used as scapegoats because they can’t vote or fight back”. They have a group at the University of Glasgow and they really motivated me yesterday to do something.

I had already heard of the Dungavel Removal Centre in Scotland. But I have try to get more information, this is a very brief summary of the most important things to know about DRC:

“Dungavel Removal Centre is the only detention centre for asylum seekers and other immigration detainees in Scotland. It is located near Strathaven in South Lanarkshire. Current detention practise in the UK is not in line with international human rights standards and UNHCR guidelines. It is unacceptable that British immigration laws allow to indefinitely deprive asylum seekers of their freedom when they have not committed any crime.”

(Source: Scottish Refugee CouncilBriefing: Detention 2003)

Dungavel Removal Centre

Picture: Dungavel Removal Centre (Source: Photos from Dungavel Prison Protest at

Can’t you see how easy it’s been for me to lose everything in just a moment?

20 January, 2007

I have to admit that I don’t know what to do now. I am trying to figure out what I can do now.

My “supposed” best friend in Glasgow has turned out to be an opportunist. We have been having problems because the person who introduced each other is jealous of us and has been sabotaging our friendship. Now, my “supposed” friend says she can’t put up with the situation and she is considering to stop the relationship with both (although I am just another victim of the situation as her). I have stopped talking to her. I cannot be her friend knowing that she will dump me at the first obstacle. I am sorry, but I will not lose my time anymore with someone like this.

Now, I have no friends in Glasgow. What can I do?

I am determined to go to more societies at uni. But, so far, I have only seen another one I like. But, should I try to go to a political one?

I certainly have to attend all kind of conferences and events at uni which may be interesting. Last time I went to was about Palestine and Israel, there seemed to be nice people, but I made no friends. Should I be more outgoing… maybe approaching audacity?

What about the gay scene? I am not sure… Last time I went it was a waste of time and I was feeling ridiculous. I am nineteen years old, I don’t think I am supposed to be alone in such a place. What guys like me do? Do they stay at home reading, watching films and all that stuff? Well, I cannot wait watching life going by. I have to act. I just don’t know which is the most effective way of enhancing my life.

Any suggestion?

<<<Song: Nena Daconte – Idiota>>>

It seems farther than ever before (I need you so much closer)

18 January, 2007

Out of ideas

Sometimes it feels like time had stopped, and I am unable to take advantage of the situation. I don’t know what to do. I know I can devote myself to my studies, to keep fit, to read… But, I could do that in Spain too.


I need to stop feeling lonely, isolated in this small country. I need someone I can tell what I feel, someone I can kiss. Someone to think about. Now my mind is full of love phrases, full of ideas for which I need you to carry out.


I always tend to plan my life having into account that you may suddenly appear in my life. I make sure I can leave everything for you. I can still stay in Glasgow next year if you asked me to. I haven’t prepared my life back in Spain. I am still ready for you.


I just don’t know what to do next. I am out of words, out of ideas to find you. I don’t know which street to go to find you. I don’t know if it is day or night where you are now.


Tonight I will talk to you in the darkness of my room. I will hold you (the pillow will have to pretend). I will tell you how much I wish you were here until I fall asleep and stop suffering.


<<<Song: Death Cab for Cutie – Transatlanticism>>>