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Life for me

30 January, 2007

I need a stroke of luck.

I do not know why, but I am feeling more and more depressed in this city.  Glasgow is lovely; the problem is me.

I know that what I am looking for is Mr Right, but maybe if I had good friends that would help to make me feel better and enjoy. That’s why I have started to remember last year in Granada.

I just want to go home and sleep. That’s all I want. Sleep and sleep. But I have to try to go on. But, as Marlango said in “Gran Sol”: “I suppose that’s normal, I suppose that’s average. But I refuse to think that’s life for me”.

<<<Song: Marlango – Gran Sol>>>


Touching the memories

19 December, 2006

Today I am feeling better. I have nothing to do but to try to enjoy myself. I haven’t visited my faculty yet, it’d bring me many memories. But I will go, today or tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll come back in spring. I gotta see the world.

What can I say today? It’s just another day, I didn’t find love. I am not looking for it in Granada, I will come back to Glasgow in January. I don’t want to suffer.

<<<Lisa Germano – Red Thread>>>

I have no husband, I have no reason to be alive

19 December, 2006

I am sad… Maybe this is where I belong. I don’t know.

I want to wander around Granada hand in hand with my man. But, where is he? How long do I have to wait? Will he really come? I am devastated, I need him, his support. But I don’t know who he is.

Is he in Glasgow?

I wish.

<<<Song: Martha Wainwright – Far away>>>

Don’t look back, you’re moving too fast

17 December, 2006

I am here… Granada, what my past was. What my future will be. Not my present. I see the streets in which I guess love is waiting for me.

Is love what I really need? I don’t know. Maybe it will be in Glasgow.

<<<Song: Martha Wainwright – Factory>>>

Apathy Street

16 December, 2006

Well, I have to say goodbye to what’s been my home for more than three months. Conflicting feelings.

I am listening to Spanish music, to that which reminds me Granada, my University city.

It seems that I am starting to enjoy my stay in Glasgow, but now I must take a break.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

<<<Song: Pastora – Desolado>>>