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It seems farther than ever before (I need you so much closer)

18 January, 2007

Out of ideas

Sometimes it feels like time had stopped, and I am unable to take advantage of the situation. I don’t know what to do. I know I can devote myself to my studies, to keep fit, to read… But, I could do that in Spain too.


I need to stop feeling lonely, isolated in this small country. I need someone I can tell what I feel, someone I can kiss. Someone to think about. Now my mind is full of love phrases, full of ideas for which I need you to carry out.


I always tend to plan my life having into account that you may suddenly appear in my life. I make sure I can leave everything for you. I can still stay in Glasgow next year if you asked me to. I haven’t prepared my life back in Spain. I am still ready for you.


I just don’t know what to do next. I am out of words, out of ideas to find you. I don’t know which street to go to find you. I don’t know if it is day or night where you are now.


Tonight I will talk to you in the darkness of my room. I will hold you (the pillow will have to pretend). I will tell you how much I wish you were here until I fall asleep and stop suffering.


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12 January, 2007

Today I took the last subway (we say “subway” in Glasgow, like Americans) from St. George’s Cross. In fact, from Hillhead to Kelvinhall my carriage was empty. I was alone. I tried to invent a metaphor from it, but the journey Hillhead-Kelvinhall takes less than a minute. I forgot to discover that metaphor.

I am sad, for I feel lonely. And I don’t know how to eliminate this loneliness. I don’t really know if finding Mr Right would be the solution.

I have been chatting with a friend who is now in Spain. We have talked about love, life… He is a philosopher. He has made me think in a different way about my current personal situation. He has said something I really need to reflect on:

“I don’t want to need someone to defeat my loneliness; I want to need someone because I love him, not because he will fill my loneliness with his company.”

I leave a link to his blog here (sorry, it’s mostly in Spanish!):

Espacio de Josepdely


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Getting lonely, getting old

3 December, 2006

You said your name, but I would assign you a number. You are the same, with different eyes, different voice… you are the same as the others. I’m sorry, I was just feeling lonely. I didn’t want to create false expectations. I knew you just wanted to have sex. I just wanted to talk. Honestly.

Your past is the past of many like you. I didn’t know the reasons that led me take the bus 62, instead of number 9. I shouldn’t have. Now I am here, speaking about you. I will see you again, with another name and another voice. Probably, different eyes. Next time, I won’t speak to you. I need to know what I want. I know I need it. I want to know.

It’s normal to feel lonely in a city. This is just a stupid anecdote which makes me think, though.

I’m alighting here. And I said goodbye. Yes, just a stupid anecdote.

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