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Life for me

30 January, 2007

I need a stroke of luck.

I do not know why, but I am feeling more and more depressed in this city.  Glasgow is lovely; the problem is me.

I know that what I am looking for is Mr Right, but maybe if I had good friends that would help to make me feel better and enjoy. That’s why I have started to remember last year in Granada.

I just want to go home and sleep. That’s all I want. Sleep and sleep. But I have to try to go on. But, as Marlango said in “Gran Sol”: “I suppose that’s normal, I suppose that’s average. But I refuse to think that’s life for me”.

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Silence II

21 January, 2007

I have lost my brolly, but I have earned many things this evening.

I have been to the Polo Lounge. And I have socialize with some people. I have been invited to someone’s house twice (invitations that I kindly turned down).

I don’t really know what I have learnt. But basically I have apprehended that I will have to wait for long to find / be found by the man of my life (a.k.a. Mr Right).  And I am not sad (so far). Maybe the experience today at the gay scene has enhanced my self-esteem, after feeling forgotten by the whole world in my wee room. I’ll need to sleep on it.

Probably my words have no meaning today. I will put them in order soon.

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12 January, 2007

Today I took the last subway (we say “subway” in Glasgow, like Americans) from St. George’s Cross. In fact, from Hillhead to Kelvinhall my carriage was empty. I was alone. I tried to invent a metaphor from it, but the journey Hillhead-Kelvinhall takes less than a minute. I forgot to discover that metaphor.

I am sad, for I feel lonely. And I don’t know how to eliminate this loneliness. I don’t really know if finding Mr Right would be the solution.

I have been chatting with a friend who is now in Spain. We have talked about love, life… He is a philosopher. He has made me think in a different way about my current personal situation. He has said something I really need to reflect on:

“I don’t want to need someone to defeat my loneliness; I want to need someone because I love him, not because he will fill my loneliness with his company.”

I leave a link to his blog here (sorry, it’s mostly in Spanish!):

Espacio de Josepdely


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