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23 January, 2007

Yesterday I went to a meeting of Star which is a association that “aim is to help refugees in the UK & Glasgow to rebuild their lives, and to stop innocent & vulnerable people being used as scapegoats because they can’t vote or fight back”. They have a group at the University of Glasgow and they really motivated me yesterday to do something.

I had already heard of the Dungavel Removal Centre in Scotland. But I have try to get more information, this is a very brief summary of the most important things to know about DRC:

“Dungavel Removal Centre is the only detention centre for asylum seekers and other immigration detainees in Scotland. It is located near Strathaven in South Lanarkshire. Current detention practise in the UK is not in line with international human rights standards and UNHCR guidelines. It is unacceptable that British immigration laws allow to indefinitely deprive asylum seekers of their freedom when they have not committed any crime.”

(Source: Scottish Refugee CouncilBriefing: Detention 2003)

Dungavel Removal Centre

Picture: Dungavel Removal Centre (Source: Photos from Dungavel Prison Protest at