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Smile! You are in SPAIN

28 May, 2007

When I arrived in Spain last Christmas after having spent three months in Glasgow, I loved this slogan. Now, I am in Spain again.



All alone

20 February, 2007

I should be studying. But last night I couldn’t sleep until 4am. I am withering.

I am trying to survive.

What is this all about? What’s going on?

I am just confused, I need an answer.

I need an answer, a look, a smile, a word… but just for me, today I need to feel I am special…

<<<Song: Natalie Merchant – Ophelia>>>

All of these lines across my face (tell you the story of who I am)

18 February, 2007

It’s one week since I have come back from Northern Ireland. I thought that I would like to tell all the wonders I have seen.

It’s been a break for my mind. But once I came back I started to think again. I cannot stop thinking.

How to deal with my “bachelorhood”? I have desisted. I didn’t want this moment to arrive. But I think that until summer I have to stop thinking about love.

What’s to become of me? My words are dull. My smile is gone. I have run out of ideas.

<<<Song: Brandi Carlile-The story>>>