I have to fly

Posted 12 March, 2007 by intooblivion
Categories: Bebe, happiness, I like you, I love you, ideas, learn, life, Los Delinqüentes, mind, party, relax, Scotland, Southern Spain, Spain

My life (or my mental life) is far too complicated. I don’t have fixed ideas. I try to learn, I try to not to say “I love you” if I am not sure. I don’t say “I like you” to the first person that listens to me.

Sometimes I miss Spain, Southern Spain. Sun, happiness, party, relax… But I love Scotland too.

<<<Song: Bebe & Los Delinqüentes – Después>>>


It’s beautiful because it’s stormy

Posted 7 March, 2007 by intooblivion
Categories: Pauline Croze, stormy

<<<Song: Pauline Croze – T’es beau>>>

Silence III

Posted 23 February, 2007 by intooblivion
Categories: gray hair, lost, map, secrets, sleep, study, talk, world

I am totally lost. I don’t know when to sleep. I don’t know who to talk to if I need to tell my secrets. I don’t know where to turn…

It’s easy to say “they lose out if they don’t want to be with you…”

I am hungry and I have just eaten. I am sleepy and I don’t remember when I last had a sleep. I have two gray hair. I don’t want to study but it’s all I have.

Yes, I am totally lost and there’s no one to help me.

I have a map, but it is difficult to follow.

I am angry with the world…

All alone

Posted 20 February, 2007 by intooblivion
Categories: answer, confusion, look, Natalie Merchant, sleep, smile, special, studies, survive, wither, word

I should be studying. But last night I couldn’t sleep until 4am. I am withering.

I am trying to survive.

What is this all about? What’s going on?

I am just confused, I need an answer.

I need an answer, a look, a smile, a word… but just for me, today I need to feel I am special…

<<<Song: Natalie Merchant – Ophelia>>>

All of these lines across my face (tell you the story of who I am)

Posted 18 February, 2007 by intooblivion
Categories: bachelorhood, Brandi Carlile, ideas, love, mind, Northern Ireland, smile, summer, thinking, Ulster, words

It’s one week since I have come back from Northern Ireland. I thought that I would like to tell all the wonders I have seen.

It’s been a break for my mind. But once I came back I started to think again. I cannot stop thinking.

How to deal with my “bachelorhood”? I have desisted. I didn’t want this moment to arrive. But I think that until summer I have to stop thinking about love.

What’s to become of me? My words are dull. My smile is gone. I have run out of ideas.

<<<Song: Brandi Carlile-The story>>>

Love is everything

Posted 15 February, 2007 by intooblivion
Categories: love, Rosenstolz

<<<Song: Rosenstolz – Liebe ist alles>>>

Life for me

Posted 30 January, 2007 by intooblivion
Categories: depression, friends, Glasgow, Gran Sol, Granada, home, Marlango, Mr Right, problem, sleep, stroke of luck

I need a stroke of luck.

I do not know why, but I am feeling more and more depressed in this city.  Glasgow is lovely; the problem is me.

I know that what I am looking for is Mr Right, but maybe if I had good friends that would help to make me feel better and enjoy. That’s why I have started to remember last year in Granada.

I just want to go home and sleep. That’s all I want. Sleep and sleep. But I have to try to go on. But, as Marlango said in “Gran Sol”: “I suppose that’s normal, I suppose that’s average. But I refuse to think that’s life for me”.

<<<Song: Marlango – Gran Sol>>>